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End of Harrow Electronic Referral Optimisation Service (HEROS) Pilot

11 March 2019

The Harrow Electronic Referral Optimisation Service (HEROS) Pilot will end from April 2019. HEROS is our current system of referral management and triage for patients in the borough.

Harrow CCG commissioned a pilot for referral management services in July 2017. The pilot programme, HEROS, was launched in July 2017 for an initial period of eighteen months. The pilot is now coming to an end, and whilst it has been successful in promoting effective clinical triage, an alternative model has now been decided upon. This new programme, known as the North West London (NW London) Outpatient Transformation Programme, standardises outpatient referral pathways across the eight CCGs within NW London. It also supports the delivery of an Advice and Guidance model that offers clinical triage of referrals provided by acute-based Consultants.

Our CCG has reviewed the referral management and triage systems it will have in place from April 2019. The review has determined that the HEROS model will duplicate much of the processes delivered by the NW London Outpatient Transformation Pathways and the Advice and Guidance.

Patients will continue to receive the same quality of care in any referrals that are made. However from April 2019, the referral management process will change. Going forward, patients will have to contact their GP practice directly (and not HEROS) regarding matters concerning their referrals. New patients will be made aware of this process when a referral is made. The GP practice will continue to use the Electronic Referral System (e-RS) for this process. 

Further information about the new NW London Outpatient Transformation Programme can be found here. Please contact either Tom Elrick on or Stella Okonkwo on at Harrow CCG with any queries about the information above.