Walk-in centres and UCCs

Walk-in centres and urgent care centres (UCCs) are an alternative to accident and emergency (A&E) departments.

They are centres that treat minor illnesses and injuries and you do not need an appointment. Just walk in and you will be seen by an experienced nurse or a GP. 

The following walk-in centres are located in Harrow:

The Pinn Medical Centre
37 Love Lane

Opening times: 8am-7.45pm, seven days a week 
Telephone: 020 8866 5766

The Belmont Health Centre 
516 Kenton Lane 

Opening times: 8am-7.30pm, seven days a week 
Telephone: 020 8866 4100 (ext. 228)


The following urgent care centre is located nearby to Harrow:

Northwick Park Hospital Urgent Care Centre
Watford Road
Opening times: 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
Tel: 020 8864 3232


What conditions do they treat?


Walk in centres can treat a range of minor illnesses and injuries including:

·         infections and rashes

·         emergency contraception 

·         stomach aches

·         vomiting and diarrhoea

·         hay fever

·         insect and animal bites

·         dressing care (not routinely)

·         minor cuts and bruises

·         minor burns and strains


Urgent care centres can treat:

·         sprains and strains

·         broken bones

·         wound infections

·         minor burns and scalds

·         minor head injuries

·         insect and animal bites

·         minor eye injuries

·         injuries to the back, shoulder and chest​


On arrival you will be assessed and treated in order of the priority of your condition.