Equality and Engagement Committee (E&E)


The Equality and Engagement Committee, acting on behalf of the Harrow CCG Governing Body, keeps under review the CCG’s progress in meeting its engagement and equality responsibilities. It provides assurance that these are being managed effectively and in accordance with statutory, regulatory and relevant guidance, and makes recommendations to the Governing Body for remediation if required.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the CCG undertakes the necessary patient and public engagement as part of its commissioning process, and in advising the CCG on its engagement activity.

Members of the E&E Committee include Harrow CCG, Healthwatch, HPPN and the third sector.

In carrying out its delivery function, the key work of the E&E Committee involves the following:

  • Approve and monitor the implementation of CCG engagement and communications strategies
  • Ensure that the CCG has a robust Equality and Diversity strategy in place and regularly monitors delivery of this
  • Scrutinise the effectiveness that the CCG has mechanisms in place to act in accordance with its Equality and Diversity strategy
  • Ensure that the CCG meets and monitors all its statutory requirements relating to equality, diversity and human rights
  • Co-ordinate work to ensure that the CCG’s patient and public engagement activities utilise every opportunity to involve groups across the protected characteristics, to inform effective commissioning of services to meet the needs of the whole population served
  • Consider all relevant engagement and equality risks within the Board Assurance Framework and corporate level risk register as far as they relate to the remit of the Committee, and report any areas of significant concern to the Governing Body as appropriate

Minutes for the meetings can be found here.