Evaluating our engagement


One of our key areas where we needed to improve was how we fed back to people on what we had done with their feedback.

We took this very seriously, and over the course of 2018-19 we have done the following:

  • Created a You Said We Did page on our website
  • Local outreach events in the community
  • Making better use of our GP Numed screens for publicising engagement
  • Obtaining consent from workshop and public meeting attendees to contact them with write ups of what we have done with their feedback
  • Harrow CCG is working closely with the Harrow Patient and Participation Network as part of the engagement work with patients and the local community. The work includes re-establishing working relationships with active Patient Participation Groups in Harrow and developing plans to work closely with Practice Managers in attaining a level of gold standard PPGs in Harrow. HPPN is supporting the CCG in improving outcomes for carers and developing a directory of support services for carers in Harrow. They are particularly working closely with the Mental Health team to raise awareness on Dementia services in Harrow.
  • The CCG is working closely with Healthwatch Harrow to build on our transformation plans with Primary Care and Integrated Care. Healthwatch Harrow has developed a database to capture patients’ experience to help shape and test these services and the CCG is having discussions with Healthwatch Harrow to see how this tool can support us with our transformation work.