Integrated care


The Integrated Care Development Programme (ICDP) in Harrow is bringing health and social care organisations together to develop new models of care and services.

The aims of the ICDP are to develop a unified care system that helps the people of Harrow manage their own health. It brings together health services so care can be provided in the right place at the right time and enables innovative and cost-effective healthcare.

To date the programme has focused on developing services for people in Harrow aged 65 and over. As people get older they often experience more health conditions and require more support in the activities of daily living. Older people are also more likely to have multiple contacts with health services, to be admitted to hospital, and to experience issues with fragmented health and social care.

The resources on this page provide more detailed information about the work of the ICDP in Harrow. For further information please contact us at

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